DEWAR, Charles Barclay

Charles Barclay Dewar

Charles Barclay Dewar, born 10 July 1875, reg. 1875/521, son of Barbara (died 26 August 1909, Matau aged 66 years) and Thomas George Dewar [1], died 3 December 1950, reg. 1950/33794 aged 76 years, married 11 July 1911, reg. 1911/4738, Janet Ridley.   

Janet Sadie Dewar born circa 1914, reg. 1914/25077

[1] The death occurred at the Palmerston North Hospital on Sunday, at the age of 73 years, of Mr. Thomas George Dewar, reports the Manawatu Standard. Deceased was well known in the Matau Block, near Inglewood, having been one of the first to acquire land in that block, where he resided for twenty years. About three years ago he underwent an operation,and ever since has been practically an invalid, living with his son, Mr. Thomas Dewar, of Taonui street. The immediate cause of death was bronchitis, consequent on old age. Mrs. Dewar predeceased her husband some three years ago.
Five sons and three daughters are left to mourn their loss. The sons are Messrs. Thomas Dewar (Palmerston North), Charles, Arthur, and Ernest {Taranaki), and the daughters Mrs. J. N. Langman (Pohokura), Mrs. R. Adams (Ohura, Main Trunk line), and Mrs. A. Richardson (Marlborough). Taranaki Daily News, Volume LV, Issue 123, 11 October 1912

Matau. (From Our Own Correspondent.) On Tuesday, the 14th inst., a ten- roomed two-storey house, owned by Mr T. G. Dewar, was totally destroyed by fire, along with all outbuildings and their contents. Practically nothing was saved. Some few articles removed a few chains away caught fire, and were destroyed. The fire was caused by sparks from log fires, a gale of wind driving- the fire in all directions. Apparently the fire had started a mile or two away.
Logs are still smouldering in all directions and there is still great danger if the wind should spring up again.
Several other settlers had hard work to save their houses, especially as most of the wells are dry, and in some instances water had to be carried a long distance.
Taranaki Herald, Volume LIV, Issue 12814, 23 March 1905

BEATTY, Sidney

Sidney Beatty
15 September 1906 to April 1907
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIX, Issue 13082, 17 September 1906
A new portrait gallery has just been opened in Timaru by Mr S. Beatty, late of Sydney, in the buildings, Stafford street north, opposite the premises of Mr R. Edwards.
The suite of rooms is splendidly lit and perfectly adapted for photography; the studio itself being on the west, and the best of light is obtained throughout the day. Mr Beatty intends catering for the demands of amateur photographers, and also in making bromide printing a specialty; the latter being done by him by day or night time. He has abundance of picture framing material, and will be able to meet orders for any design of work that may be required. Mr Beatty notifies that all patrons who visit the studio within three weeks from to-day, will receive an extra dozen photographs free, providing their order is for at least a dozen.
Mr Beatty has been in Timaru for the past few weeks arranging his premises, they being specially built for his business, and opens his studio to-day. All wishing to pay him a visit should do so early, and they will be able to say they have been in one of the best studios in the district.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIX, Issue 13087, 22 September 1906
In Bankruptcy.
Re Sidney Beatty
A meeting of creditors was called for in the bankrupt estate of Sidney Beatty, Photographer, Timaru, in the Deputy Official Assignee's office, yesterday morning. There were present Mr. W. Raymond (for W. W. Henderson, Christchurch; J. R. Bruce and Co., local agents) R- Edwards (proved), P. Foster (proved), bankrupt and his solicitor, Mr. F. J. Rolleston)
Bankrupt's statement, was as follows : unsecured creditors, £76 16s 7d; against stock-in-trade £37, book debts £10 5s 6d ; unsecured creditors, £29 11s 1d.
Particulars of unsecured creditors are as follows: —
P. Foster, builder, Timaru, £3 11s 3d;
R. Edwards, Painter, £2 2s;
J. R.. Bruce and Co., Agents, Timaru, £14;
W. Albeit and  Land Agents, 10s;
A. A. Ware Co., Stationers, £2;
Jas. Craigie, Painter, 11s ;
G. W. Bennett, and Co., Photographic Dealers, Christchurch, £7 0s 4d;
same firm Wellington, £1 3s 3d;
J. Griffiths, Photographic Dealer, Christchurch, £15 10s 5d;
Lamb and Todd, Photographic Dealers. Wellington, £3 ,7s 6d;
Price and Company, Picture Moulders. Wellington, £4 8s 9d;
Ahfield Bros., Merchants, Dunedin, £6 19s ;
Guthrie, Bowron and Co., Merchants. Dunedin, £1 7s 3d;
F. W. Dutch, Photographer, Christchurch, £3 1s 6d;
H. Weeks, Printer, Christchurch, £2 14s ;
P. W. Hutton and Co., Timaru, 12s 6d.
Bankrupt's sworn statement showed that he was a photographer at Timaru. He came to Timaru in September 1906, and established his business in Stafford Street North. Before coming to Timaru he was in the same business in Wellington, and on his own account.  The little capital he had was expended on his business in Timaru. Up till December his business was very good and promising but after that it fell away to practically nothing. During January and February nothing was done. He attributed the falling off in the business to the Christchurch Exhibition. 
Latterly he had been pressed by Ahfield Bros, of Dunedin, who sued bankrupt. As he could not see his way to met his creditors and as Ahfield Bros, had obtained judgment with a view of enforcing payment, bankrupt considered it the best in the interests of all parties to file. He had nothing but photographic material and could mate no offer at present. 
Bankrupt put in a further statement as under:- All the furniture on the premises belonged to his wife. The value of the furniture was about £35, which was brought to Timaru with them. This property was stored in Jonas and Company's Auction Rooms, but was not for sale. Since the beginning of this year the weekly rental was 35s per week. 
Only two proved creditors being present no resolution was made and the meeting was adjourned.
Timaru Herald, Volume XC, Issue 13253, 6 April 1907

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F. E. Stewart

TIBBUTT, Alfred George

Alfred George Tibbutt
born circa 1864 
eldest son of Emma (died 3 August 1917) and George Tibbutt (artist, Ponsonby, Auckland- died 29 June 1894, Auckland)
died 1930 
married 8 June 1892
at the Congregational Church, Onehunga, Auckland, by the Rev. Mr Miller, 
Alice Russell
 second daughter of John Russell of Onehunga

Ruapehu from top Makatote Rd, NZ
F.T. Series No 2234A
photo by A. G. Tibbutt

The death took place last Monday of Mr. Walter Francis Tibbutt, a-well-known photographer and ex-journalist of Wellington, Mr. Tibbutt had been a sufferer from paralysis for fourteen years, and for some, of that time was an inmate of Victoria Hospital. The deceased gentleman- was the younger son of the late Mr. George Tibbutt, artist, of London and Auckland, and leaves a widow and one son, Mr, Lee Tibbutt.
Evening Post, Volume CVII, Issue 76, 3 April 1929

ILES, Arthur James

Arthur James Iles
 born 10 June 1870, Oamaru reg. 1870/32195
son of Louisa Martha Davey and James Iles (photographer)
died 9 April 1943 Rotorua, reg. 1943/19950

 married firstly 1895 (divorced about 1916)
 Ripeka Rangimahora Parani Ututaonga [1] ("Rangi")
also known as Rebecca Elsie Utuatonga or Puckey

born 15 September 1874
daughter of Wiremu Ihaka Tihei Ututaonga and Maraea Te Hei Pounamu Ututaonga [1]
died 18 July 1938 at her son's residence, 39 Marlborough Street, Mt Eden, Auckland
buried Waikumete Cemetery

married 2ndly 12 June 1917, reg. 1917/3411
Ada Hunt
born Waiongona


1. Blanche Elsie Iles born 1896, reg. 1896/16182, died 1976, married 1stly 1915, reg. 1915/8755 Eugene Clifford, he died 18 December 1917, Hamilton (daughters Nola and Fannie),married 2ndly 1923, reg 1923/8647 Daniel Arthur Dinneen

2. Tawa Iles born 2 December 1897 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, died 1977, reg. 1977/36065, married 1921, reg. 1921/8154 Dorothy Agnes Tongia Campbell  

3. Miro Iles, died 1975, wife of Charles Leslie Sunderland of Burwood, New South Wales

4. Heri Iles born circa 1902, reg. 1902/4806, died 1902 reg. 1902/676 aged 4 months or reg. 1902/6621 aged 6 months

5. Hori Iles born circa 1902, reg. 1902/4812, died 1902, reg. 1902/676 aged 4 months or reg. 1902/6621 aged 6 months

6. Rena Iles (or Rona) born circa 1903, reg. 1903/7436, died 1904 aged 4 months, reg, 1904/679   

7. Arthur James Iles born 2 July 1905, reg. 1905/2519, died 1972, reg. 1972/40960, married 1933, reg. 1933/9327, Dorothy Marion McNair   

8. Denzil Iles born 13 January 1907, reg. 1907/26089, died 1995, reg.  1995/54827  

9. Ronald Iles born circa 1908, reg. 1908/19476, died 1934 aged 26 years, reg. 1934/12905
10 others? 

Otago Daily Times, Issue 13706, 24 September 1906, Supplement
Louisa Martha Davey and James Iles married 1857, reg.  Sep 1857 Bath vol. 5c page 1010


Mr Iles, photographer, announces in another column that he has decided on closing his photographic studio in Peel-street on the 24th proximo, having accepted a-professional engagement in Wellington. During his sojourn here, Mr Iles has proved himself to be an artist of a high order, and in every instance his work has given the greatest satisfaction. The best proof of this fact is the extent of the patronage he has received during his stay. We should, therefore, recommend all those desirous of securing well executed photos to make a point of paying Mr He's studio a visit at the earliest date possible.

Tuapeka Times, Volume XXIV, Issue 1923, 20 August 1892

Mr Arthur Iles, the well-known Dunedin and Lawrence art photographer, is about to open a first-class studio at the Thames. Further particulars will be announced in a future issue.

Thames Star, Volume XXIV, Issue 7473, 17 July 1893

New Photographic Studio

Mr Iles new photographic studio, in Pollen street, was completed on Friday evening, and on Saturday afternoon was thrown open for general public inspection. During the afternoon and evening Mr lies' studio was visited by hundreds of people, and the crush at times was excessive. All were very pleased at having the opportunity of visiting the studio, and expressed themselves delighted with the place.

The windows were tastefully arranged with Mr Iles' South Island work, and the manner in which each likeness was finished called forth a unanimous expression of praise from the many people who inspected them The quality of the work shown will at once testify to Mr lies' skill as a photographer and artist. 

The visitor next enters a large vestibule, upon the walls of which are hung more specimens of Mr lies' work. The enlargements especially are worthy of mention, and it is at once seen that Mr Iles excels in this branch of photography. The mezzo tints which are on view in the vestible also deserve more than a passing notice. There is a softness and beauty about these prints which make them appear more like very fine engravings than portraits.

The workrooms on the ground floor are large and roomy, and are also well fitted up, showing that no trouble or expense has been spared. Proceeding up stairs we were shown into a good sized dressing room about sixteen feet square, in which all necessary articles for the comfort of patrons had been provided. Hung upon the walls we noticed specimens of our local artist - Mr H. D. Driver's - undoubted skill.

In the studio, which adjoins the dressing room, the arrangements made to secure good photographs being obtained are most complete. The size of the room is 35ft x 14ft. For lighting, a skylight and side windows are used, and the liberal employment of blinds and curtains, enables the operator to throw the light upon any part of the studio he desires to do, and to increase it, or decrease it, at will. A large camera stands in the middle of the room, fitted with the most recent improvements for securing instantaneous photographs. 
Several excellent life sized photographs of dogs and cats, are exhibited on the walls of the studio - and from the faithful manner in which they are executed, it is evident that Mr Iles is also proficient in the difficult branch of the art. The difficulty of obtaining a satisfactory pose in animals, so as to obtain a good natural picture, militates against success, but there can be no question that the pictures exhibited in Mr lies' studio show that this difficulty had been most completely surmounted.  The crayon drawing by Mr lies show also that he is an artist in that respect, and he appears as much at home as with the camera.

At the side of the studio is the dark room, fitted with slides of red and yellow glass, which are made so that they can be used either together, singly or altogether dispensed with. As the strength of light required in the process of photography is variable, it is necessary that some such device as this should be used. Having made a complete inspection of the premises and general arrangements, we have no hesitation in stating that the new studio is the most complete in this part of the colony we have seen, and we hope that Mr lies will meet with that success which his enterprise decidedly entitles him to, and that he will be liberally patronised.

Thames Advertiser, Volume XXVI, Issue 7641, 25 September 1893

Ani Doherty and son, Bob Doherty. Finch, C (Mrs), fl 1961:
Photographs of Maori. Ref: PAColl-6348-46. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
by Arthur James Iles

Mr A. Iles, the well-known local art photographer, receives well-merited praise from the Christchurch Weekly Press for the excellent result achieved by him in the execution of a portrait of a Maori girl.

This work, entitled " A Maori Belle," occupies a place in the pages of the Press Christmas number, and is one of a series of photos which Mr Iles has for some time exhibited at his studio in Pollen street. In reviewing the Christmas illustrations the Press says : — "If our Japanese beauty is not a characteristic portrait, no such, objection can be urged against 'A Maori Belle,' who is a true type of our unequalled native race. In her balanced and intellectual head, handsome countenance, and dignified carriage, this girl shows all the best characteristics of a people that has been loved and respected by those who have known most of it. The melancholy expression is characteristic, too, yet the Maori is a laughter-loving race, full of high spirits and vivacity. . .. . Mr lies makes a specialty of Maori portraits, and has agencies in all the principal towns. We have had an opportunity of seeing some of these studies, and to judge by these, Mr Iles has been very successful in securing good subjects, while the posing and lighting are all that i could be desired."

Thames Star, Volume XXVI, Issue 7951, 23 January 1895

New Zealand Herald, Volume LVI, Issue 17086, 15 February 1919

Mr. A. J. Iles

The death has occurred at Rotorua of Mr. Arthur James lies, a well-known resident of the Rotorua and Thames districts. Mr. lies studied photography from his youth and was very successful as a portrayer of the Maori race. He was much interested in fishing, shooting and golf and was a founder of the Anglers' Club which later became the Rotorua Rod and Gun Club.

Mr. lies was at one time president of the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce and was identified with many movements for the welfare of the district. For 10 years he lived in Thames, but returned to make his home in Rotorua in 1900. He is survived by his second wife and by three sons and two daughters.

New Zealand Herald, Volume 80, Issue 24558, 14 April 1943

 Whakarewarewa, Rotorua
Iles Photo 

 Ohinemutu and Rotorua Lake
Iles Photo

 Bath House, Rotorua
Iles Photo

 Santorium Grounds, Rotorua
Iles Photo

[1] Geni - - Managed by Stephen Te Ohia Ututaonga


James Treloar
Founder and President of the Hamilton Photographic Society

born circa 1882 Bolton, England

died 6 April 1945 Hamilton aged 63 years
married 1909, reg. 1909/4766
 Lily Neill  Reid

James Treloar by an unknown photographer

Partington's Mill, Auckland
by James Treloar

The death occurred this morning of Mr James Treloar, a member of the Hamilton Borough Council, aged 63. Born in Bolton, Lancashire, Mr Treloar came to New Zealand in 1904 and became foreman at a Thames iron foundry.
He moved to Hamilton in 1910 and with his brother, Mr S. P. Treloar, established an engineering workshop. He had a close association with the Methodist Church and gave 35 years' service to the youth movement. He was a past president of the Waikato Winter Show Association and the Hamilton Rotary Club, president of the Milking Machine Vendors' Association and president of the Waikato Society of Arts.
He had served on the Technical School Board of Manager's and the board of directors of the Y.M.C.A. Mr Treloar was elected to the Borough Council in 1941 and was chairman of the Gasworks Committee. He is survived by his wife and a son and daughter.
New Zealand Herald, Volume 82, Issue 25171, 7 April 1945


Photographs by unknown photographer/s
perhaps Gary Randell


CATER, James

James Cater

Succeeded John Nicol Crombie December 1871
Succeeded by Clarke Bros July 1873

Succeeded George Elgin Page, 256 Queen Street, Auckland December 1873
Succeeded by George Redfern May 1874

 Queen Street, Auckland
December 1871 to July 1873

Mr. Crombie, the photographer, notifies that he has disposed of his business to Mr. Cater, who will in future carry it on under the same management.

New Zealand Herald, Volume VIII, Issue 2453, 5 December 1871

 Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXVII, Issue 4473, 27 December 1871

We observe that Mr Cater, photographer, Queen-street, has taken a very excellent portrait of the new mail steamer Dakota, as she lay in the harbour previous to departure.

Auckland Star, Volume IV, Issue 903, 29 January 1873

The passengers by the ship Warwick, from London to this port on her last trip, yesterday presented Captain Skinner with a photograph of themselves and officers of the ship, grouped together on the deck of the Warwick. The photographs were taken by Mr. Cater.

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXIX, Issue 4838, 27 February 1873

New Zealand Herald, Volume X, Issue 3643, 15 July 1873

New Zealand Herald, Volume X, Issue 3691, 9 September 1873

256 Queen Street, Auckland
 opposite New Market House
December 1873 to May 1874

Auckland Star, Volume IV, Issue 1203, 1 December 1873

Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXX, Issue 5209, 2 May 1874

It is not known if James Cater the chemist is the same person as James Cater the photographer.

Mr. James Cater, who was in business as a chemist in Hobson-street for many years, died at Grey Lynn on Monday.

Auckland Star, Volume XLII, Issue 261, 2 November 1911

Tomlinson and South

Tomlinson and South

The Hororata Hotel in 1898 or 1899
Thomas Charles Hickson, Proprietor
Hickson purchased the Hororata Hotel in January 1898, in June 1899 the hotel was transferred to Thomas West.
by Tomlinson and South

A Painful Tragedy. 
Death In An Hotel. 
A Chambermaid's Terrible Shock. 

This morning Thomas Charles Hickson, a publican, was found dead in his bedroom at the Al Hotel with his throat cut. It appears that Hickson, who has recently taken the Waiau Hotel, came into town by last night's north train, and engaged a room at the Al Hotel. He, with a friend who came down with him and also engaged a room at the same hotel, went out into town, and after having supper at Fail's Restaurant they spent the evening at Dix's Entertainment. They returned to the hotel about 10.30, and Hickson retired to bed almost immediately. This morning he came down to breakfast, and appeared well and cheerful. Shortly after breakfast he went out for a walk and returned about 10.30, and proceeded upstairs. Soon afterwards a chambermaid went to the bedroom to finish tidying it. To her horror she saw Hickson lying on the bed with a frightful gash in his throat, quite dead, and there was a new razor on the floor beside the bed. Mr Fox, the landlord, immediately telephoned for Dr Thomas, but on this arrival he could only pronounce life to be extinct. The police were informed, and the body was removed to the Morgue to await an inquest. It is understood that Hickson purchased the razor from an ironmonger close to the Al Hotel. 

Hickson was about fifty years of age, and leaves a wife, but no family. He was well known in Christchurch. When the Canterbury Tramway Company first started in Christchurch he was one of the first tram guards employed, and in that position was very popular. He left the employ of the company to act as storeman for the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, a position which be held for several years. He afterwards had the Coalgate Hotel and the Albion Hotel at Lyttelton, and upon leaving that he went for a trip to England. Upon returning he purchased the Sheffield Hotel, and lately sold that, and about a couple of months ago he took possession of the hotel at Waiau Ferry
 Star, Issue 7496, 2 September 1902 

The Hororata Hotel
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District] 
1903, Christchurch